Character limits for each social network

Character limits for each social network

How do you know how much to write on each social media post? A post too long risks getting cut. Too short and you risk people scrolling over your post. 


Updates - 40-80 characters for maximum engagement. 

Ads- 14-50 characters

Page description -  155 characters

Post character limit - 63,206 characters


Until 2017, the limit for a tweet was 140 characters. Since then, the network increased the limit to 280 characters. You should also be careful with the length of your Twitter handle and profile name. But being able to write 280 characters doesn’t mean you should. 

The ideal length for a tweet - 71-100 characters. That’s right, that’s not much, but Twitter is for quick info updates, not lengthy thought leadership pieces. Keep it short. 

Here some maximum character and word length limits on Twitter:

Twitter handle maximum length - 15 characters. 

Twitter profile name maximum length - 20 characters. 


Although more fit for long posts than Facebook and Twitter, even LinkedIn has its limits. Here they are:

The ideal number of characters for a Status Update -  50-100 characters

Post headline -  150 characters

Post length - 120,000 characters.