Managing your Agenda

Managing your Agenda

One of the best features of Uniclix Social Media Manager is its visibility. You have all the features you need to create and manage posts at a glance. For instance, your Today’s Agenda is right on the Dashboard, check below how to manage your Agenda. 

Displaying your Agenda

  1. On your Dashboard, go to Post Queue. 
  2. Click on your Calendar Icon to display Today’s Agenda. 

  1. Here you can see all the posts due for Today. 

Showing day, week or month

What if you want to know what posts you have scheduled for the week or the month?

  1. Go to Post Queue on your Dashboard. 
  2. Below the box of Create Box, you’ll find a Display by menu. 

Open it to choose your preferred display settings. You can here see your daily, weekly or monthly schedule.